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TouellSkouarn Hirlostek V2 Eurorack

This little box expands every eurorack system with a noise generator.

You only need an external audio input and a 5V source at the tip of a cable!

Initially this circuit has been developed as an expansion for the Moog products Little Phatty and Minitaur but it works also with other synths. The HirlostekV2 needs to be provided with a 5V voltage, for instance at the tip of a cable. A circuit inside the box generates a bright digital noise you can use as audio or modulation source. 

Hand made, military quality due to good Neutrik jacks.



connectors: 1x TS 6.35mm jack to be connected to the 5V source 1x TRS 6.35mm jack to be conndected with an audio or CV input. Length: 50 cm

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