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Frap Tools BAGAI

Bagai is an analog sample and hold, bit crusher, and down sampler, also capable of generating fluctuating random voltages, colored noise, and clock bursts. It consists of six highly intertwined sections:

  • A clock with straight and random outputs (yellow)
  • An analog noise generator with variable color (grey)
  • A bipolar fluctuating random voltage generator (white) with variable rate
  • A sample and hold the circuit (orange) with selectable timescale, slow for modulation, or fast for audio sampling up to 34 kHz.
  • An 8-bit quantized version of the orange S&H circuit with variable bit depth (red)
  • A clock burst section (green)

By default, it outputs bipolar random voltages and triggers. The voltages are fluctuating, stepped, and quantized with selectable bit depth. The clocks are straight, randomized, or "burst". Once you start patching, you can use it as an S&H, audio downsampled, and bit crusher, with a sample rate of 34 kHz. All its major parameters are voltage controllable.


  • Sample and Hold with an 8-Bit Quantizer
  • Random Triggers & Clock Bursts
  • Voltage-Controllable Bitcrusher
  • Dyamic Downsampler
  • Open Signal Path
  • Start and Stop Controls
  • Analog Noise
  • Fluctuating Random Voltages and Global Rate of Change


Power consumption: 190mA at +12 V and 90mA at -12 V

Depth: 38 mm

12 HP

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